Positive Bleeding

Last Saturday we played an “intimate” set at Toronto’s Cameron House that was filmed and recorded for your future amusement. Hopefully, you will see a few live tracks up on the website fairly soon.

OuchieAlthough the show went quite well, I suffered an injury to my left hand on the way to the venue. Walking down a particularly icy street, I slipped and tried to catch my balance on a near-by fence, not realizing that each post was crowned with a razor-sharp fleur-de-lis. The merciless mark of La Belle Provence pierced my riffing hand, and I had to be rushed back to the Chambers-Farley compound for medical attention. Fortunately for the band, the Showroom Nurse was on duty, and I did not bleed to death as I had hoped.

We arrived at the Cameron House a little late, but managed to get everything set up and play a decent set for the at-capacity crowd. My bandage was a bit of a burden during some of the riffier songs, but overall I was pleased with the performance. As I mentioned, look for live tracks and video clips in the near future.

In other news, we have chosen a title for our upcoming full-length; it will be called The World Is Too Much With Us, and will feature 11 “rollicking forkfulls” of indie-pop ecstasy. The release is scheduled for late May, and we’ll post updated information in the News section as the date approaches. For now, I suggest you purchase several more copies of Still Escalator to tide you over.

What Tristan didn’t mention was that at the same moment, a hoard of rare “ice bees” flew out of a nearby mailbox and covered his entire torso.  Using forbidden Mongolian utterances, he dispelled the bees. What a nobleman. —Rory