It took two rented automobiles to get all of our gear and friends to Montreal and back. I nearly missed meeting up with the gang at the time of the rental. I wasn’t late, but was waiting for them at the wrong car rental place. I’m not sure how I found them actually, but I did. Thankfully.

Showroom in Montreal

Le Swimming is a pretty cool venue, though I must say the stage is a tad small. I could have easily fallen off. Tyler’s drums fell apart occasionally but he managed to keep the songs together regardless. His kick drum kept sliding forward and Tristan and I had to kick it back toward him. None of this affected Ben, though, who sung very well. Yay Ben!

Tyler, Ariel and Tristan in Montreal

Rory in MontrealLe Swimming, Montreal

I like the vibe of Montreal a little better than that of Toronto. Toronto seems just a little bit colder. It’s hard to explain. But yeah, the trip kicked ass. Expect another Showroom show there soon.

Bière Showroom