We Fought the Law

This evening, Showroom was privileged to be a part of the greatest music event in history: an impromptu concert for about 80 lawyers held at the offices of the Ontario Bar Association.

As many of you know, the members of Showroom have an active interest in tax law, so we were thrilled to be in the presence of so many lupine legal minds. We swaggered onstage, strapped on our instruments, and played the best damn 19 minute set a half-empty room of baby-boomers could ever hope for.

What an incredible night! After the roar of applause died down, we stepped off stage and representatives from every major label in Canada approached us with briefcases full of cash, begging to sign us.

“Whoa guys,” said Rory as he ran one hand through his luxurious hair. “No need to fight. You can all sign us!”

Now, we are millionaires.